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Peanut Wood

Noreena Jasper

Peanut Wood

We have a new range of very popular and extremely rare Australian stones.

Astronomite from the Kimberley in Western Australia. Dark with spots, around 610 million years old. There is only one location, discovered in 2002.

Prehnite from the Anrtim Plateau Volcanics, Wave Hill, Northern Territory. A yellow/green crystam formation round 570 million years old.

Noreena Jasper occurs in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, not far from the iron ore mining town of Newman, some 700 miles north of the capital, Perth. Noreena Jasper occurs in the Jeerinah Formation which is part of the Fortescue Group in the Hamersley Basin. Age is late Archaean and was deposited between 2765 and 2687 million years ago.

Peanut Wood is a silicified (petrified) wood, generally of a black colour with numerous borings, which were made by a marine wood-boring bivalve shellfish called Teredo. The light coloured areas are what used to be boreholes in the original wood. It is found near Carnarvon, Western Australia. The age is Cretaceous, around 70 million years old.

Gaspeite is a rare stone from Western Australia.

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